The Old Oswestrians' Club has been in existence since 1952. The special bond felt by orthopaedic surgeons who had trained at Oswestry led to the idea of forming a society, with the following philosophy:

"Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt created a spirit of service so impelling that we have all been influenced by it".

Old Oswestrians must kindle the flame, and we hope to meet year by year in social and scientific friendship."

Its members consist of Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeons who have worked at Oswestry at some time in their career.

An annual meeting is held in June each year to which all members are invited, and consists of an afternoon of lectures, the Annual General Committee Meeting and the Gold Medal Lecture.  The day is rounded off by an evening meal and award  presentation. 

Medals and Certificates are presented to the trainee Orthopaedic Surgeons during the annual speeches after the meal.