The Old Oswestrians Club was founded in 1952. 


Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt created a spirit of service so impelling that we have all been influenced by it....

The special bond felt by orthopaedic surgeons who had trained at Oswestry led to the idea of forming a society, with the following philosophy

"Old Oswestrians must kindle the flame, and we hope to meet year by year in social and scientific friendship"

Its members consist of Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeons who have worked at Oswestry at some time in their career.

Thus the Old Oswestrians Society was formed but  this was later changed to The Old Oswestrians Club after it was discovered there was already an "Old Oswestrians Society" in the town for alumni of Oswestry Grammar School.

Our aims and objectives are broadly speaking, to meet annually in scientific, academic and social friendship and to perpetuate what might be termed as "the Oswestry tradition" -  Old Oswestrians' must kindle the flame!

Our first nominated president was Sir R Watkin Jones

Our first ever members of our Executive Committee were:

John Bristow

John Charnley

Alexander Miller

Guy Pulvertaft

James Wishart

John C Menzies was the first Honorary Recorder of the Society



  This photo was taken at our Inaugural Dinner at    the Savoy Hotel in London on 30th June 1052.

  Sir Reginald Watson Jones FRCS was           presiding and it was when the club was refered     to  as the Old Oswestrians Society.








The Chain of office was presented to the club by                           Mr W N Laurence and is displayed in the Institute of Orthopaedics  at the Robert Jones & Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital,  Gobowen, Shropshire which is the Headquarters of the Club.


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