Combined Australian/English meeting - 26th October 2004

Combined Australian/English meeting - 26th October 2004

There was a small but enthusiastic group of Old Oswestrians'who met at the Australian Club in Sydney on Tuesday 26th October.  This was in the beginning of the Combined English Speaking Orthopaedic Association Meeting.  Many vivid, colourful and well documented experiences and memories were recalled with enthusiasm and serious mirth.

I think that a social meeting such as this should be considered on a more regular basis for large International meetings, when Old Oswestrians can catch up with each other.

Perhaps this could be discussed at the next Annual Meeting in Oswestry in June.

The other more serious issue that was discussed was the apparent change in funding for Australian and other overseas trainees in the future in Oswestry.  This was greeted with concern if not disbelief.  This is a challenge of course for future trainees and the future of Oswestry as an international orthopaedic training institution.

Max Esser, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

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