Gwyn Evans retirement celebration - 30th April 2004

Gwyn Evans retirement celebration - 30th April 2004

The 30th April 2004 was the sad day of Mr Evans retirement. The day began with a valedictory lecture in the afternoon. The lecture theatre was full to capacity, and Mr Evans entertained the crowd with some anecdotes, photographs of familar senior consultants in the 1970's, and a history of Children's orthopaedics at the RJAH.

In the evening, a reception was held at the Lion Quays near Oswestry. Approximately 210 people attended, from as far afield as Belgium, Holland, Portugal, Scotland and Wales! After the meal, Mr Evans was entertained by poems from Bill the Porter and songs from Alan the joiner. Speeches then followed.

Sister Roberts thanked Mr Evans for his work and support over the years. These sentiments were echoed by Mr Andrew Roberts in his speech, along with an explanation that "Gwyn" means "white" in Welsh- apparently a reflection of Mr Evans tanning ability.

Mr Kiely followed, comparing Mr Evans to the sagely character "Yoda" in Star Wars! Mr Evans was then presented with a gift- Office software to help with his retirement hobby. Mr Evans then gave a thank you speech, and reassured us that he will be returning to the Robert Jones for 2 days a week to save him from hard labour on Mary's farm! Finally, the evening was finished with a disco, drinks, and lots of good wishes.

Nigel Kiely

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