Oswestry & theĀ  Paralympic wheelchair Rugby Team

Oswestry & the  Paralympic wheelchair Rugby Team

"You may be pleased to know that the coach and half the wheelchair Rugby team that played and snatched the gold medal from the US team in the Paralympics were treated for their injuries and their multiple complex effects in the Midland Centre for Spinal Injuries (MCSI) at the RJAH hospital in Oswestry.

I am truly delighted that the efforts, perseverance and the dogged determination these athletes have demonstrated rewarded them with such spectacular success. I am equally proud of the contribution the expert and dedicated team of health care professionals of the MCSI may have made towards making such success possible.

I am grateful for the continuing support of the Institute of Orthopaedics to the MCSI and for the assistance provided by the Consultants who have contributed to the management with their expertise."

information kindly provided by Prof W S El Masri FRCS Ed, FRCP

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