Date: Friday  6th June 2014
Venue: Robert Jones & Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital, Oswestry

President for 2013/2014 - Mr Peter  Lunn

2.00 pm               Mr E Raymond Ross
                              “Dogma, design and Discs”
2.25 pm               Mr Graham Benke
2.50 pm               Professor’s Medal Lecture:

3.15 pm               Mr Nicholas Neal
                              “Evolution of Trauma Centres in the UK”
  3.40 pm             Professor Frank Burke
                              “Embarrassing Injuries for patients and surgeons”

4.00 pm               Break for refreshments

4.30 pm               A.G.M.

5.00 pm               GOLD MEDAL LECTURE  
                              Mr Alex Frenyo
                              "Oswestry - refuge  from a communist