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1.30 pm             Trade exhibition &  refreshments – Conference Centre

1.50 pm             Registration - Lecture Theatre (Institute of Orthopaedics)

2.00 pm             Mr Aheed Osman

                          “Recent advances in Spinal Cord Injuries management”

2.25 pm             Ms Catriona Heaver

                          “Advances in Neuro-Orthopaedics”

2.50 pm              Professor’s Medal Lecture:   Ms Jill Mulrain

                           “Is Gait Analysis for proposed rotational deformities an appropriate use                                                   of resources? “

3.20 pm             Mr Geraint Thomas

                           “Young adult hip Surgery: Preservation is sometimes the answer”

3.45 pm             Mr Paul Jermin

                          “Current concepts in regenerative/biological treatment of knee  osteoarthritis”

4.10 pm             Break for refreshments - Inst. or orthopaedics

4.30 pm              THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING

                           Lecture Theatre, Institute of Orthopaedics

5.00 pm              GOLD MEDAL LECTURER:  Mr Simon Roberts

                           “Pushing the Envelope”

                            Inauguration of Mr M McClelland as President 2023/2024

7.30 pm              Dinner and award ceremony –  The Sweeney Country Hotel, Morda, Oswestry

for 8.00 pm         (Black tie/Lounge suite)

                           Awards Presentated to:

                           Gold Medal Lecture:     Mr Simon Roberts

                           Professor's Medal:        Miss Jill Mulrain

                           Lloyd Griffiths Medal:    Mr Tom Banks

                           B T O'Connor Cup:        Miss Sophie Crooks