Old Oswestrians Annual Meeting - Friday 18th June 2021 - Programme below

We can now confirm this years meeting will be held virtually using MS Teams.   There will be NO evening award presentation  meal and attendance at the meeting will be by invitation only. 

All members should have received their annual invitation detailing how to join the meeting by now.  If you haven't recieved yours,  please contact Sandra Cank using the "contact us" link as soon as possible to be included in the attendance list.       

Members are reminded to keep checking back on this website for up to date details as we will post further information as it becomes available.

In the spirit of all Old Oswestrians' we would be grateful if you  could pass this information on to all members that you are in contact with so that they too are aware of our plans and can keep upto date with proceedings.

Please email Sandra  (email address found under contact) to update your contact details if needed

R D Banerjee

Club Secretary



12.00 pm       Executive Committee Meeting 

1.50 pm         Registration 

2.00 pm         Mr Max Esser

                     " The Changes in the Management of Pelvic and Acetabular Fractures during my Career"

2.25 pm         Mr Bodo Purbach 

                       “Orthopaedics in the Northwest of England:  My European Perspective"

2.50 pm          comfort break

3.00 pm           Professor’s Medal Lecture: Gopikanthan Manoharan

                      “  The Edmonton Frail Scale (EFS): A predictor of post-operative outcomes in elective                               hip and knee arthroplasty ”

3.25 pm         Mr Robin Gilbert

                        “ Soft Knee Surgery - What I’ve Learned  ”

3.50 pm         Mr Simon Pickard

                        “Surgical Rehabilitation of the Tetraplegic Hand. Seizing the  Moment or Grasping the                        Nettle?  ”

4.15 pm         Break for refreshments -conference centre


5.00 pm         GOLD MEDAL LECTURE:  Mr Christopher Oliver

                         " How Not to be a Surgeon! " 

5.30 pm              Presentation of awards by

                           Lloyd Griffiths Medal –           2019 – Sal Ismael & Gopikanthan Manoharan

                                                                            2020 -  William Gibson

                            Professors Medal –               2020 – Nikhil Sharma

                                                                            2021 – Gopikanthan Manoharan

                            Rowland Hughes Medal       2019- Ben Chatterton

                            B T O’Connor Cup –             2020 – Andrew George

                                                                           2021 – Natalie Green

                            Gold Medal                            2021 - Professor Christopher Oliver


                     Inauguration of Mr Ford as President for 2021/2022.30 pm